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Floe Lake Backpack trip July 2013 with a group from CORA … [Read more...]


Work-Life Balance is BS

Work-Life Balance

I have heard the comment "I am trying to achieve work-life balance" almost daily. Not that this can not be accomplished, just that it will not be accomplished in the current frame work of what it … [Read more...]


10 Tips to More Productivity

There has been a lot of talk about productivity at work. I mean let's face it how much work do you feel you get done after a full day at the office? Here is 10 tips to supercharge your day and … [Read more...]


So You Think You Are Rich? 12 Signs Of The Rich

We all have many ways that we use to measure our success or prosperity. Some look to their riches, others to their relationships etc. However, to have a truly prosperous abundant life we have to … [Read more...]


15 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Many things can be said about motivation, and many things work for motivation. However as we get into the realm of working for ourselves it is easy to find ways to sidetrack ourselves from doing … [Read more...]